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The Like button is a way for people to show their appreciation for your posts. It’s also a way for authors to show the world how popular their content has become.

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You can turn Likes on with these two steps:

  1. Enable the “Likes” module from the Jetpack tab in your Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings > Sharing in your Dashboard.
  3. Ensure that “ Likes are…” is set to “On for all posts”

Your readers will need to log in to their account to be able to Like one of your posts.

Likes and Your Site

By default, the likes feature is disabled for Jetpack. Once enabled, the Like button will be displayed under each post. It displays the gallery of Gravatars for users that have liked your posts.

You can enable the module from the Jetpack activation screen and then configure where it should show using the “configure” button. The likes area uses the same settings as the “sharing” module to show the buttons.

Turning Likes On or Off on Specific Posts

If you’d rather, you can turn off the like button for specific posts. When editing a post, find the Likes and Shares module (you might have to scroll down to find it). It will contain an option labeled Show likes on this post.

Likes Metabox

You can toggle this on or off, just like controlling comments and trackbacks. When you’ve set it, either publish or update your post to save the change.


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