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Transferring Followers and Subscribers

Moving from to a self-hosted Jetpack site but don’t want to lose all your email subscribers and followers? You can ask us to transfer your followers for you!

Transferring your followers is something you need to ask Jetpack Support Staff to do for you, but you can help expedite that process by giving us the information we need when you contact us:

  1. Install and activate Jetpack. Then connect Jetpack to your account.
  2. The URL of the site where your followers and subscribers are now. If you use a custom domain, we need the dashboard URL of your site (e.g. “” instead of “”).
  3. The URL of your new self-hosted Jetpack site.

In addition, the request needs to come from the email address connected to the account that currently has the followers/subscribers. Once we get that information from you, we will verify your Jetpack connection and transfer your followers and subscribers over to your new site.


  • If more than one site’s subscribers are transferred into one new site, we do not offer a way to separate the followers if they are merged in error.
  • Likes are not able to be transferred.

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