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Jetpack comes packed with lots of extras.

The Extra Sidebar Widgets module gives you additional widgets you can add to your blog. From RSS Links to Twitter Timelines and Facebook Like Boxes, the module makes it easy to add extra functionality to your site.

Toolbar notifications will allow you to view and moderate comments right from the toolbar, anywhere on your site or across

Have modules you’d rather not use? You can easily activate and deactivate modules anytime.

Do you need to shorten your links so they don’t take up so much space? You can use our shortlinks for that.

Need a little extra security for your site? Maybe backups? Try VaultPress.

  • Jetpack Manage - Jetpack Manage allows you to manage your self-hosted WordPress sites and your sites from a single dashboard on In this support doc, you can find: How to enable Jetpack Manage features How to manage your Jetpack sites and plugins from Troubleshooting information and FAQs. When a plugin update is released, the best […]
  • Site Icon - The Site Icon module allows you to add an icon for your site. This icon will be used as a favicon and mobile icon for your site, and will persist between theme switches. A favicon is a small image that appears in a browser’s address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list. Similar to a favicon, a mobile […]
  • Site Verification Tools - Various platforms allow website owners to have additional tools to help them use their sites. Among them are Google, Bing, and Pinterest. For example, Google’s webmaster tools will show you the total number of individual URLs on your site that have been indexed by Google, which search keywords are most significant for your site, and […]
  • Enhanced Distribution - Enhanced distribution allows your blog’s public content to be included in the firehose.
  • Gravatar Profile Widget - The Gravatar profile widget allows you to pull in your Gravatar image along with some of your Gravatar profile data.
  • Gallery Widget - The Gallery Widget provides you with a simple way to display a photo gallery or slideshow in your blog's sidebar.
  • Display WordPress Posts Widget - The Display WordPress Posts widget lets you display up to ten recent posts from another blog, or a self-hosted WordPress site with Jetpack enabled.
  • Facebook Like Box Widget - The Facebook Like Box widget lets you display a Facebook Like Box within a sidebar on your theme.
  • Image Widget - The Image widget allows you to easily add images to widget areas in your theme.
  • Twitter Timeline Widget - The Twitter Timeline widget shows your latest tweets within a sidebar on your theme.

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