Support Home > Stats > Stats Stats Stats lets you know how many visits your site gets, and what posts and pages are most popular.

There are many plugins and services that provide statistics, but data can be overwhelming. Stats makes the most popular metrics easy to understand through a clear and attractive interface. Plus, you can use stats in conjunction with other analytics plugins and services.

In this support doc, you can find:

  1. How to view your stats from your dashboard.
  2. Additional stats you can view on
  3. Troubleshooting information and FAQ.

Viewing your stats.

Stats are automatically enabled when you activate and connect Jetpack to – no additional setup required!

You can view your stats in a number of different ways using Jetpack. On your main Dashboard screen, you can enable the Site Stats widget for your homepage to give you at-a-glance site views.

To add this widget to your Dashboard, open your Screen Options tab and check the Site Stats box.

Jetpack Stats - options

Then you can see your site visits, most viewed pages, and search terms people used to find your site at a glance.

Jetpack Dashboard Stats

Getting more in depth stats from your dashboard is as easy as going to Jetpack –> Stats from your Dashboard. Here you can see information about Referrers, Top Posts & Pages, Search Engine Terms, Subscriptions, and Clicks.

Even more stats information on

Logging into and visiting your stats page brings you even more information about your site including Views By Country, so you can see where in the world your posts are being seen! Stats

You can also look at stats per day, week, and month! Find out even more about the Stats – including on what we don’t track – on the documentation page.

Note: Jetpack stats does not track or show you Totals, Followers, and Shares on your stats page.

Troubleshooting information and FAQ.

Can I use other analytics services (like Google Analytics) with stats?

Yes! You can use both on your WordPress installation. The benefit of using Stats is that you can see a snapshot of your blog’s activity right from your dashboard. If you want to use another analytics service to give you additional in depth information, you can certainly do so!

The Stats module is active, but no visits are being recorded anymore.

Jetpack, like many other plugins, uses a function called wp_footer() to insert elements like a Stats tracking code to your site’s footer. This function has to be added to your theme’s footer.php file, right before the closing </body> tag. You can read more about it here.

If you’ve recently edited that file, you’ll want to make sure the wp_footer() function is still there.
If it is there, you’ll want to check for other code you may have added to your theme (like in your sidebar for example) that may break everything that comes after.

My stats are at zero and I lost all my followers!

There’s no need to fear, Jetpack is here! We can help reconnect you with your missing stats and followers – please visit this page for more information.

Can I transfer my followers from to my new Jetpack site?

Yes! Please see this support document for more details.

I just moved my followers from to Jetpack and the stat counts are different! Why?

On, your followers and email followers are counted separately. This means that one person can follow your site on the Reader and receive email notifications when you make a new post which would count them on both lists. On Jetpack, that same follower would only be counted once under Followers on your My Followers list.

Why aren’t my site visits updating? I know people are visiting the site! stats aren’t updated in real time, but updated periodically throughout the day. If you see a problem with your stats not updating, please contact support here.

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